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This is a brewing tool to take your home brewery to the next level and it's fun to use. Many home brewers don't pitch nearly enough yeast. A stir plate helps you culture higher cell counts of healthy yeast for quicker fermentations, lower risk of infections and better tasting beer. All in less time than it takes to make a conventional yeast starter.

Customers Say:

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for my recent StirStarter purchase. The shipping was incredibly fast, and the instructions you provided with the unit were detailed and professional. The unit works perfectly so far and can't wait till my next starter day! Not only do you have the best prices on stir plates I've seen online or in a retail store, but it's made better than most commercially available models I've seen, and I also really appreciate the warranty. It tells me you really believe in your product, and I can see why. I'm glad I bought from you instead of going elsewhere, and I will recommend your stir plates to all of my homebrewing friends."-Shawn M. in Austin, TX

"I am certainly one of your biggest fans and I recommend you to all my beer brewing buddies. Hopefully you've sold at least couple of units because of me. Jessie and I have both been heavily enjoying the benefits of the StirStarter. In fact, I've noticed a definitive change in taste since making starters with your stir plate. I guess that's the best review a person can give, huh? Your stir plate has become a necessity in my brewing tools...with your very reasonable pricing and stellar warranty, I would think you'd be selling more of these than you can put together" -Chuck in Washington

"I received the StirStarter stir plate today and wanted to say thank you for such great customer service, a very high quality product, and the fast shipping. I can't wait to start my next batch of homebrew!"-Shane in Idaho

February News

Breaking News! reviews the StirStarter stir plate.

Here's a video on how to center the stir bar in the flask before stirring

Same day shipping is included on all products! This means you can buy a complete package of a StirStarter stir plate, stir bar, keeper magnet and operating instructions for $42/$81 delivered by USPS Priority Mail to your door! All you need to add is starter wort in a flask and yeast.

Five gadgets every homebrewer needs from ZDNet. (Full disclosure: #4 is a stir plate, a StirStarter in fact!)

What's Inside?

This unit has two powerful NdFeB button magnets in the 12 VDC stir motor, which is controlled by a precision voltage regulator for easy speed adjustment. The RPMs of the drive motor are limited, so the motor will not "throw" the stir bar, yet it provides enough to get a good vortex going. A low voltage, plug-in wall transformer provides power to the unit. The black plastic case dimensions are 6" x 4" x 2", large enough to accomodate a 2000 mL flask as shown. A Teflon coated 1" x 5/16" stir bar is included. A "keeper" magnet is also supplied to lock the stir bar in place while the yeast is pitched, so the stir bar won't end up in your fermenter!

Two Models Available

The basic StirStarter 2L is built to stir Erlenmeyer flasks up to and including 2L. The "Big Boy" StirStarter 5L will stir flasks up to 5L in size.

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This product comes with a lifetime repair or replacement warranty. Simply put, if The StirStarter fails to perform for ANY reason, return it to me, and I will repair or replace at no charge. Customer satisfaction and great beer are my goals!

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